Official Eastview Colors Edit

EVHS School Colors are:

The Cobalt Blue is specifically the web color 0047AB. Since our team is the Eastiview Cobalt Robotics Team, it only makes sense that Cobalt Blue be the starting point for our color palette.

Instructions for using Color Scheme Designer Edit

I will not go into significant color theory elements here. However, even for the most basic color impaired person such as myself "There is an app for that".

Color Scheme Designer

This is a tool that allows you to pick a primary color for a palette and suggests additional complimentary and contrasting colors that, based on best practices for color design, will be pleasing to the eye.

The tool is very easy to use. Here is a screen shot of the main page.

CSD - 01

The first thing you should do is enter your color in the RGB section of the tool. In our case, we use 0048AB, the RGB for Cobalt Blue.

Next, so that we are not entirely monochromatic and boring, select the "Complement" scheme to get a complimentary color to cobalt blue.

It ends up being "Orange Peel", FF9F00.

Next you can see an example web page using that palette using the "Light Page example" and "Dark page example" links.

I think the light version is more appealing.
You can view the source of the examples to see exactly how the tool used the colors on the example.

CSD - 02

But notice, the dark background with dark font is almost impossible to see. Se you will need to make those decisions for yourself.

Finally, you can select the "Color list" tab to get the specifications for the colors to use for the palette.

CSD - 03 - Palette

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