Additional robot Ideas Edit

  • Basketball Collector
    • Gather that balls, shoot them at a "caller".
  • Football Collector
    • Throws that ball. Punters?
  • Lawn Mower
  • Asparagus Crop Manager

General Notes - To Be Organized Edit

An example of some "whiteboard" videos. I think this would be a great format for our marketing video.

RSA Animate Examples

Home page for the requirements.

Field Printer Robot Project - Requirements

An overly simplified blog for the project. Used to track progress for patentability.

Field Printer Robot Project - Log

Google Drive location of project documents.

Field Printer Robot Project - Files

Bill Hamer's IP dude:

Bill's Ideas for Location:

Phased Array Antennas
Spinning Laser Locations
Accurate Gyroscope



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